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Are you tired of seeing the same old art styles everywhere you look? Do you crave something different and unique to explore? Look no further than our Discover Art’s Diverse Wonders service! We specialize in showcasing art outside of the mainstream, introducing you to styles and perspectives you may have never seen before.


Learn to Cook Like A Pro – Especially If You’re A Novice!

“Hi! I’m professional chef and baker, Brian Lagerstrom. On this channel my goal is to show you how I think about and cook food at the professional level then turn those techniques into approachable, easy to replicate dishes for you, the home cook.”

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Brian Lagerstrom

See the World Differently: Drone Tours

Are you ready to see the world from a new perspective? With drone technology, you can explore New York and beyond like never before. The drones will take you on a tour of the city’s iconic landmarks, from the Statue of Liberty to Central Park. With the high-quality cameras, you’ll get stunning aerial views that will leave you breathless.

The Dronalist

Meet A Real Estate Guru?

Cash Jordan

This savvy NYC real estate agent calls his mission “exploring homes in a concrete jungle.”

His forte is bargains, but he also looks at those deluxe apartments and buildings that are the stuff of dreams for most people.

Cash Jordan

A Real Treasure From the BBC!

BBC REEL is a wonderful source of all kinds of information “to help you look beyond your world.”

For instance, here are some popular videos: The Language Only Women Know, Is There Life After Death?, Scotland’s Ancient Skyscrapers, South Korea’s Male Beauty Pageants, and The King John Crown Jewels Mystery.

Have fun discovering everything this channel has to offer!

BBC Reel

The B1M

“We love construction and we want the whole world to love it too! “

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Sample Videos:

  • Why a Billionaire is Building a $400BN City in the US Desert

  • Africa’s $5BN Megadam Will Block the Nile

    THE B1M

If It's Using the Android Operating System, They've Probably Reviewed It.

"Android Authority is the largest independent publication dedicated to the world's most widely used operating system. Every month, we influence an audience of 50 million technology enthusiasts, industry professionals, and savvy millennials."

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Android Authority

Get The Best Possible Performance From Your TV!


“Straight to the point buying recommendations on TVs, Headphones, Monitors, Soundbars, and more. We purchase our own products and put them under the same test bench so that you can compare the results easily. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. No ads. Only real tests.”

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Think You Can Become A Professional Web Designer?

Granted, this really is for you geeks out there - not just the kind soul who will try to manage a small existing website for his/her club members in his spare time.

The FLUX website features detailed videos that will take you through the intricacies of web design and coding. It reviews actual web creations to illustrate "good practices."

Good luck to those of you who pursue this career path!

Flux Academy

Let An NYC Insider Help You To Thrive!

Brett Conti admits to making “rookie mistakes” when he first moved to New York City. He has used his experience to guide newcomers and long-term residents alike through the opportunities and pitfalls inherent in living in the metropolis.

He is also an avid international traveler, taking you on adventures from Paris, to Greece, to Vietnam – and beyond.

Brett Conti

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